Data Mesh Platform


The first Tech Talk after the summer break in our Barcelona HQ!

In this opportunity, we will dedicate the space to learning about the Data Mesh Platform, hosted by Bianca Berdugo, one of our Software Engineers, and expect to learn about:

  • Evolution of a Data Mesh Architecture, what we have learned so far. By Lucas Garcia and Micael Capitão.
  • Serving data in a Data Mesh ecosystem. By Mattia Bertorello and Gerardo Parrello
  • How does AWS propose to support companies building Data Mesh platforms? By Miguel Rodriguez Vazquez from AWS


  • Bianca Berdugo

    Bianca Berdugo

    Software Engineer
  • Lucas Garcia

    Lucas Garcia

    Data Platform Engineer
  • Mattia Bertorello

    Mattia Bertorello

    Data Platform Engineer
  • Micael Capitao

    Micael Capitao

    Data Platform Engineer
  • Gerardo Parrello

    Gerardo Parrello

    Data Platform Engineer
  • Miguel Rodriguez Vazquez

    Miguel Rodriguez Vazquez

    Solutions Architect AWS

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