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Our Team

Our Team uses insights and ground-breaking technology to solve complex problems that help to accelerate Glovo’s rapid growth and to help provide anyone easy access to anything in their city. This is in the context of a three-sided marketplace that contains our Customers, Partners, and Couriers. And we have an amazingly talented tech team with more than 500 people across all our tech hubs that are making it happen.

Our Glovo Technology Teams

We keep the company’s impact at the heart of everything we do. Our teams have the ability to experiment, fail, learn, measure impact, reduce wasteful activities, and, overall, simply assess the type of impact we can have. This allows for the tech team to continuously focus on improving the platform that supports our business, preparing it to effectively scale, especially for a business that grows as fast as we do at Glovo.

  • We build tools and products that help our store and brand partners scalably grow their business on Glovo, and our customers discover new and relevant stores and products they’ll love.

  • The Contact Cluster aims to deliver exceptional and industry-leading support experiences for all users. We provide direct help experiences to Customers, Couriers, and Partners; tooling for Agents, and Communications across all users.

  • In Content & Partners (CaP) we aspire to create an intuitive and adaptive platform that empowers every partner to write their success story. We provide Partner onboarding and store management, ingest and serve their Catalogs and Product ecosystem.

  • The Courier Cluster is responsible for providing the best possible experience for our couriers and making sure that we have the right number of engaged couriers available at any given time. We do this by building stand-alone tools and features on our courier app that help onboard, retain and reward our couriers in the best possible way.

  • Builds a smart and effortless on-demand service that connects people to anything they need in a balanced marketplace predicting our customers’ needs, inspiring them, and ensuring our content is relevant so they can easily find what they’re looking for.

  • Delivering data products (ML models, reports & insights, and data pipelines) for all of Glovo. Maintain a high bar of craft excellence for data scientists, data engineers, and product/data analysts. Provide a scalable & self-service platform for data products, machine learning, and experimentation. Make Glovo culture data-driven.

  • Building innovative Fintech products to grow revenue, ensuring users’ trust in payments and invoicing, while managing Glovo’s risk.

  • The Growth cluster is responsible for building products that sustainably increase the size and value of our customer base.

  • To deliver the best technology services, controlled by strong operational processes that are maintained with the awareness of a living service catalog.

  • The Logistics team ensures all orders get delivered fast, efficiently, and to the expectations of all types of users.

  • The platform cluster exists to empower and enable product engineering teams to be their most autonomous and efficient. We run the building blocks for Glovo engineering by offering infrastructure services, common tools and libraries, and expertise in system reliability.

  • Enabling secure business by driving efficient cyber-risk management - The Security team focuses on identifying, prioritizing, and advising on the reduction of relevant security risks to support Glovo's Business Strategy.

  • The team helps set the path for the engineering organization to achieve success in our common goals. Defines guidelines and best practices for teams to become more efficient and organized. Drivers of change, providing visibility in all directions.

Meet Our Glovo Technology Leadership Team

Smart, open-minded, creative, and driven — you won’t find a better group of people to work with than our Glovo Technology Leadership team. We are thinkers, explorers, and team players. We approach work with curiosity, experimentation, and data-informed decisions, keeping the company’s impact at the heart of everything we do. 

  • Shiro Theuri

    Shiro Theuri

    Interim Chief Technology Officer

    Loves building customer-facing products that work in vastly different contexts, such as the chaos in Kenya and the structure in Spain.
  • Fanta Asres Gizaw

    Fanta Asres Gizaw

    Principal Engineer (VI)

    Helping engineers across Glovo solve some of our most complex challenges.
  • Rafa Borges

    Rafa Borges

    Sr Director, Engineering

    Delivering at the core and has endless curiosity about our business, people, teams, and technology. Will never stop coding.
  • Nicolas Pissard

    Nicolas Pissard

    Principal Engineer (VI)

    Loves talking about feature store and marketplace optimization. And that's pretty much it.
  • Chris Biancucci

    Chris Biancucci

    Director, Engineering

    Can’t stop thinking about Fintech opportunities and the snowboard season.
  • Eugene Kalashnikov

    Eugene Kalashnikov

    Principal Engineer (VI)

    Enjoys building robust systems and mixing liquids.
  • Dimitrij Phoursa

    Dimitrij Phoursa

    Director, Engineering

    When not thinking about teams, processes or tech, loves listening to audiobooks on long walks with his two adorable Shiba Inus.

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