Frontend at Glovo


In April 2022, we hosted our Tech Talk #2! The topic was Frontend at Glovo.

Angel Sola, Software Engineer at Glovo, talked about how Complex State management is -arguably- one of the keys to scalable applications. There are many libraries at our disposal, but little bibliography is available on what makes a robust state management system, and some guidelines to get it right are needed. In this talk, we’ll take a step back and analyse the keys to good state management, including taking a quick tour of its history. After this talk, you should feel empowered to make the right choice for your next app’s state management.

Dan Neciu Stroe, Software Engineer at Glovo, presented how to build Scalable Components.

Customer Software Development requires shipping fast, reliable, A/B testable code and design. This is how we at Glovo are building multiple variations of the same component and shipping it to millions of users in 26 different countries.


  • Angel Sola

    Angel Sola

    Software Engineer
  • Dan Neciu Stroe

    Dan Neciu Stroe

    Software Engineer

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