JIT Compiler & Spring Boot 3, ready or not!?


A Barcelona Jug meetup was held in Glovo offices on the 25th of October, 2022 about the JIT compiler and Spring Boot 3.

André Lopes Nogueira, Backend Software Engineer at Glovo, speaking about the JIT compiler.

Abstract: The JIT(Just-In-Time) compiler is a key component of Java Virtual Machine(JVM) that is responsible for performance optimizations at runtime, applying advanced techniques to boost applications' performance. In this talk, we will provide an overview of the Java JIT compiler: its architecture, how it works, what the different optimization techniques are when it is triggered, and how we can inspect it live.

Speaker: Andre Ricardo Lopes Nogueira, Backend Software Engineer at Glovo since 2019 and previously a computer science researcher at the University of Lisbon for 6 years, focused on dependable and intrusion-tolerant systems.

Next up, Abel Salgado Romero from VMWare spoke about: Spring Boot 3: ready or not?

Abstract: Spring Boot 3 will be out on the 24th of November, just around the corner! With it, many improvements and the long-awaited Spring Native Support. In this session, Abel will try to answer what to expect from it and what it means for your current and future application. Including some tips & tricks to migrate your apps.

Speaker: Abel Salgado is Software Engineer at VMWare in Spring Commercial Team. Since 2020 working on making Spring Cloud Gateway a great experience on Kubernetes. Open-source advocate, Asciidoctor Maven Plugin maintainer, and hardware enthusiast.


  • Andre Ricardo Lopes Nogueira

    Andre Ricardo Lopes Nogueira

    Software Engineer at Glovo
  • Abel Salgado

    Abel Salgado

    Software Engineer at VMWare

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