Kafka: Let it Flow


Nowadays, data is the most valuable product a company has, and being able to work over it with flexibility, security, and reliability, to get the most out of it, is a must. Becoming a data-driven company is not simple but is key to success.

In this online session, we covered the basics of how Kafka can help us during this journey. We presented different examples to explain Kafka's capabilities and explored how to leverage high-level tools such as Kafka Streams API and ksqlDB to add more brainpower to our data in motion.

This was our first Tech Meetup in Madrid together with MadridJUG where our experts shared their knowledge about Kafka.

Note: the talk starts in Spanish but the content is in English.


  • Rafael Vindel Amor

    Rafael Vindel Amor

    Rafa is a Software Engineer with 9 years of experience working in different sectors such as video games, aviation, banking, travel, and now the delivery industry. He’s a fan of streaming architectures and functional programming. He loves working out, enjoys nature and video games, and is an amateur OCR runner and pádel player.
  • Manuel Falcon

    Manuel Falcon

    Falcón is a Software Engineer from Sevilla with 10 years of experience, almost all of which are as a backend engineer. He is passionate about functional programming. In his spare time, he loves playing sports, working out, and reading about history.

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