Modern Android at Glovo


On March 22nd, we hosted our first Tech Talk of 2022, where we had the chance to share our learnings in the tech field and connect and network with the public.

The topic covered was Modern Android at Glovo: what we learned introducing Jetpack Compose and Hilt in our apps.

Compose is a UI declarative framework that enables you to build complex UI with little effort. Let’s look together at its APIs and the basic notions you must know before starting using it in your app.

Why Hilt? We already had Dagger, did we really need another dependency injection library? In this talk, we will try answering these questions by starting from what Hilt promises and then diving into how it works.


  • Angelo Marchesin

    Angelo Marchesin

    Software Engineer
  • Gianmarco David

    Gianmarco David

    Software Engineer

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