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Another Tech Talk in our Barcelona HQ, this time the stage was dedicated to UX topics. 

  1. Collaboration with devs: Dev notes & edge cases - by Miguel Olivera.
    Tricks and tips to define the design for perfect development.
  2. Mindsets: A tool for design teams - by Paula Soler.
    An intro to Behavioural Mindsets. What are they, how can we use them and what benefits do they unleash for solving UX problems.
  3. Courier Journey Mapping - by Tomaso Vido.
    How we help designing experiences for multicultural landscapes
  4. Practice Empathy on UX Research - by Alba Losada.
    We talked about what empathy is and why it is more important than sympathy when we do UX Research. In addition, some tips were revealed on how to practice empathy in the day to day of a UX Researcher.


  • Miguel Olivera

    Miguel Olivera

    Product designer
  • Paula Soler

    Paula Soler

    UX researcher
  • Tomaso Vido

    Tomaso Vido

    UX research manager
  • Alba Losada

    Alba Losada

    UX research manager

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