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Glovo is a modern, world-class tech company that is inclusive and strives to provide the best environment for our people. Our remote hub provides access to additional talent across Europe, as well as an option for current employees who may be seeking full remote opportunities.

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  • "Glovo is a perfect fit for me and allows me to grow every day"

    "Glovo is a perfect fit for me and allows me to grow every day"

    Maciek Górski - Technical Product Manager

    Glovo definitely knows how to work remotely! We connect via Zoom for daily standups, ad hoc meetings, and other team meetings. Even though I work remotely, as does my entire team, we don't feel alienated thanks to the Great Vibes everyone brings on a daily basis. Glovo is a perfect fit for me and allows me to grow every day thanks to its values and high level of professionalism. I've been able to learn new technologies which I then integrated into the company culture and processes. I've had experiences that I couldn't have elsewhere. I've found the perfect workplace, exactly the one I always wanted and imagined.
  • "This flexibility has made me more productive and definitely more happy"

    "This flexibility has made me more productive and definitely more happy"

    Valerio Tomassi - Software Engineer

    I have had the opportunity to be a part of 3 different teams in the Barcelona hub, working on challenging missions in different domains with super clever and diverse people. Now, I've been working remotely and instead of commuting, I have more time for my daily morning workout routine and meditation session. This flexibility has made me more productive and definitely more happy, resulting in more energy and passion to dedicate to tasks at work, learning paths, and people as well.
  • "I enjoy using what I build"

    "I enjoy using what I build"

    Petru Rares Sincraian - Software Engineer

    I joined Glovo not only because I wanted to be an employee of that company, but because I also wanted to be a customer of their products. I enjoy using what I build. I love the dynamic environment and the data-focused approach at Glovo. I have never met any company as dynamic and data-centric! During the pandemic, I moved from Barcelona back to my hometown which gave me the best of both worlds; I can enjoy working on amazing projects while seeing my friends and family outside work.

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FAQ Remote Tech Hub

Your questions answered.

We have put together commonly asked questions to give you more information about Glovo.

  • We hire in all European countries in which we operate.

  • No, the position must be based in one of the countries where Glovo has operations.

  • Yes, Glovo permits its employees to apply and go through an internal interview process for a remote position.

  • The Remote team is hired with 100% remote conditions which means none of the team members is expected to come to the office. However, there are exceptions such as attending department or company-wide events.

  • Remote employees get benefits such as health insurance, a Glovo meal voucher, iFeel (wellness app), and other benefits depending on the country in which they will be working.

  • Have a look at the candidate's journey on our Careers site.

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